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B2B Sales,
Making Outbound Lead Generation and LinkedIn
Content Marketing Accessible

Over the year we have closed over $1000K of Sales for Indian and Overseas Companies via LinkedIn B2B Outbound Lead Generation

Fast-Track Your Sales with Tyche's Expert Services

At Tyche Consultancy, we're not just about sales - we're about creating meaningful relationships and long-term success. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Founder - Tyche Consultancy

Shaguna Khetarpal

Introducing Shaguna Khetarpal, the founder of Tyche Consultancy. With a touch of caffeine and a pinch of wit, she brings a unique blend of expertise, humour, and unstoppable energy to the table. From brewing success in startups to concocting winning strategies, she's the driving force behind our exciting journey towards greatness.

At Tyche, we're not your average HR and Sales team. Led by Shaguna, we infuse our work with a sprinkle of humour, a splash of enthusiasm, and a strong cup of coffee. With an uncanny ability to turn startups into success stories faster than you can say "espresso," Shaguna is the secret ingredient that sets us apart. So, grab your favourite mug, sip your coffee, and let us serve you a steaming hot blend of talent acquisition, sales strategies, and a side of laughter.

Come along for an exhilarating adventure with Tyche at the forefront, fueled by passion, an invigorating burst of energy, and an abundance of joyous moments. Together, we will conquer hiring challenges, supercharge your sales efforts, and create a recipe for unparalleled success. With our amazing team at the helm, we're brewing up greatness and raising a cup to your organisation's transformative journey.!Let's toast to your success, one sip at a time!

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B2B Outbound Lead Generation

Right from defining Target Group, to connecting with the individuals and tapping them is a long process. We at Tyche do it all and Generate High Intent B2B Leads and help them close along for the clients.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Be it Company, C-Level Executive or Founders, everyone needs to showcase their journey and services they provide and moreover how they have built the company. We at Tyche work closely with Individuals and Companies to outcast their Presense on LinkedIn.

Clients we have Catered

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